The ABC of meiko microfiber wipes

Microfiber wipes are practical and versatile helpers. To ensure that they are powerful against dirt and gentle to the surface, they are specially developed for different areas. When used correctly, they remove dirt quickly and thoroughly, ensuring cleanliness and safety.

Get to know our variety!

Microfiber wipes – knitted

Due to their structure, microfiber wipes can absorb a lot of dirt and are especially effective and thorough on irregular and grained surfaces. They loosen stubbornly adhering dirt deeply.

meiko Micro Plus is manufactured in our production facility in Saxony, Germany. As all our microfiber wipes it can be washed at up to 95° C. It is available in five colors.

meiko Sensity is not only an exception in terms of color. Due to the missing seam the black microfiber wipe ABC is suitable for particularly sensitive areas, e.g. car cleaning. The welded edges of this wipe allow working without a disturbing hard seam.

Microfiber wipes – non-woven material

The fine, water-jet compacted microfiber wipes clean very gently and carefully.

meiko offers its Micro 2000 also in combination with the meiko screen cleaner.
It is universally applicable on TFT, LCD and plasma surfaces for a streak-free result.

The Micro 3000 is ideal for cloth processing.

Microfiber wipes – woven

The meiko Magic with a silk-look surface enables gentle cleaning, for example of glass or ceramics.

This type of microfiber wipes is polished with a brush after the weaving process. This creates the finely structured surface. Particularly sensitive areas can be cleaned gently but also thoroughly.

Microfiber wipes – coated

The polyurethane-coated microfiber wipes with high absorbency are extremely tear-resistant and durable. They can withstand more washing cycles and last longer than comparable cloths. The coating provides a sponge-like texture when wet. This makes the microfiber wipes particularly easy to grip and makes work faster and easier.

The Prima S with its structured surface has a high dirt-removing power. This makes surfaces hygienically clean and streak-free again. Prima S is washable at up to 95° C.

meiko microfiber wipes are color-coded

meiko microfiber wipes are available in red, blue, yellow and green, according to the color code system. This means that the cloths can be easily assigned to the various application areas. If you use them correctly you avoid germ contamination and achieve hygienic cleanliness.

Good to know

Microfiber wipes are easy to clean and dry
quickly. Therefore they are excellent for daily maintenance cleaning. With the right care, you can increase their durability: it is usually sufficient to wash the cloths at 40 degrees in the washing machine.

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