Micro BRUSH-Pad: The first choice for thorough, interval and maintenance cleaning

For impressive cleaning results on stone floors, safety flooring and PVC: The meiko Micro BRUSH Pad is an effective and affordable solution for daily floor cleaning.

The Micro BRUSH Pad maintains consistently high cleaning performance over large surface areas: Much of the dirt is directly removed by the automatic suction system. Dirt that sticks to the pad is easily washed off by hand or by machine at 40°C. It also has a high water absorption capacity and requires smaller amounts of cleaning chemicals.

Effective and thorough with excellent scouring power

The cleaning bristles remove stubborn, persistent dirt even on heavily textured and uneven floor coverings as well as gaps and grooves. At the same time, the microfibres ensure deep cleaning.

Excellent for hard, stone and all safety flooring as well as PVC: The cleaning is so thorough that it restores the anti-slip properties of safety tiles.

Efficient and cost-effective:

  • Thoroughly cleans large surface areas
  • Very good scouring capacity
  • High level of water absorbency
  • Less cleaning chemicals required
  • Significantly more durable than comparable pads
  • Max. speed: 300 U/min.
  • Easy to clean by hand
  • Machine washable at 40oC

The Micro BRUSH Pad is available in different designs and is compatible with nearly every pad holder.