Super Floor pad

Available in sizes 6” to 24”. The approx. 20 mm thick floor cleaning pads are strengthened with a binding agent and are suitable, depending on the abrasive grain, for gloss polishing to grinding down floor coatings. Different sizes available. For border areas we recommend square hand pads made of the same material.

Ultra Highspeed Pad

The soft open non-woven fabric of this cleaning pad in the Jack and Buck grades, is suitable for polishing and spray cleaning at speeds of 1,000 to 3,000 rpm.

Textile pads

The high quality textile pads achieve excellent cleaning results on textile floor coverings, tiles and stone floors and require very little cleaning chemicals. Powerful bristles remove stubborn dirt and the microfibres ensure deep cleaning. The textile pads are particularly suitable for porous floor coverings and safety tiles. They are durable and compatible with almost all pad holders.

Diamond Pad

The diamond-impregnated cleaning and polishing pad makes floors shine again. With the help of microscopic diamonds, they clean and polish surfaces so carefully that they have a mirror-finish. Available in three versions.