Micro Plus

Warp knit microfibre floor cloth, available in 5 colours. The textured surface loosens and removes even stubborn dirt. Fine microfibres perfectly loosen dirt even in pores.

No. 1

Bulky and extremely hard-wearing microfibre cloth. The warp knit cloth has a particularly high dirt pick-up. The sturdy design makes this ideas for use on all heavily soiled surfaces. Can also be used dry as a dust cloth.


The pleasantly soft bulky cloth without seam is particularly suitable for sensitive areas. The optimised edge sealing of the cloth allows for working without a disturbing, bulging and hard seam.


The pleasant soft cloth has a high dirt pick-up thanks to its large pile loops. Ideal for maintenance cleaning of normal dirt. Can be used dry as a dust cloth.


with pictogram PU coated microfibre cloth with smooth surface, especially durable. For perfectly streak-free and lint-free cleaning of all surfaces. Similar grip to leather cloth when wet. Can be used moist and wet. Easy to wash.


Microfibre cloth with a silk-velour surface for gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces, e.g. glass and ceramics.

Glass and mirror

Fine micro-fibre cloth specially designed for glass and mirror surfaces. For streak-free cleaning on shiny surfaces.

Prima S

The PU coated microfibre cloth with textured surface is extremely absorbent and easy to wash. High dirt loosening power thanks to special texture. This cloth is recommended for damp maintenance cleaning on rough surfaces.

All-purpose cloth

The all-purpose cloth is a simple but perfect all-round cloth. For occasional quick, dry and wet cleaning.

Micro 3000

Bulky, water-jet compacted microfibre cloth. Universal use, highly absorbent, ensures streak-free cleaning on almost all smooth surfaces (e.g. mirrors, stainless steel, chrome). Can be used in a dry or moist condition. Ideal for cloth processing!