Micro BRUSH Pad

Micro BRUSH Pad: For demanding floor cleaning

For convincing cleaning results on hard, stone, safety flooring and PVC: The Micro BRUSH Pad is the effective and affordable solution for daily floor cleaning.

Cleaning is so efficient that the slip-resistant properties of safety tiles are restored.

Micro BRUSH Pad: Excellent scrubbing power

Its bristles penetrate deep into the structure of the flooring and remove the dirt completely. At the same time, the microfibres have a deep cleaning action. Dirt, hair and dust are completely absorbed.

Even on highly structured and uneven floor coverings as well as from gaps and grooves the cleaning bristles remove stubborn dirt.

Micro BRUSH Pad: High cleaning performance

The Micro BRUSH Pad maintains its consistently high cleaning power over large areas. It only requires small amounts of cleaning chemicals. Most of the dirt is removed directly by the automatic suction system. Dirt adhering to the pad can be easily washed out by hand or mechanically at 40o C.
Micro BRUSH Pad: High durability

Micro BRUSH Pad: High durability

Compared to others, such as the melamine Pad, the Micro BRUSH Pad is not only enormously powerful. The significantly longer usability is also convincing.

Efficient and cost-effective

  • cleans large areas thoroughly
  • dissolves even stubborn dirt
  • high water absorption capacity
  • hardly any cleaning chemicals
  • significantly more durable than comparable pads
  • easy to wash out by hand

The Micro BRUSH Pad is available in different versions and is compatible with almost all driver plates.

Do you have questions about the Micro BRUSH Pad? Our cleaning experts will be happy to help you.

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