CMS 2019

Four Exciting, Informative Trade Fair Days in Berlin

The meiko cleaning experts had a successful CMS. In addition to efficiency, sustainability also counts for new product developments. Therefore, our current product innovations really scored with visitors:

Eye-Catcher at CMS

To give our visitors an exact picture of how flexibly and thoroughly the Micro BRUSH Pad cleans, we set up an application area with four different floor coverings that are difficult to clean. Many questions could thus be answered expertly.

0% Microplastics

Our new fleece all-purpose cloth cleans with the power of 80% viscose and 20% PLA, and thus consists of completely biodegradable raw materials. Like all meiko fleece cloths, this one is also manufactured in Germany.

Noticeably More Gloss

The diamond-laced cleaning and polishing pads also impressed with their effectiveness and efficiency. Those who could not believe up until now that high gloss could be achieved with only the force of microscopically small diamonds and water were positively surprised at CMS. The stone tiles shown there had previously been treated with diamond-laced pads. In this way, the individual work and polishing steps could be easily understood.

Culinary Delights with Added Depth

The muffels from Tatas were a special treat for our visitors. Whether with powdered sugar or as a luxury variation with frozen yoghurt, strawberry sauce & chocolate sprinkles, everyone was happy to partake.

Normally, Tatas offers his various Muffels variations at the Maybachufer in Berlin. We are pleased that we could engage the Tatas team for CMS.