Clean in next to no time

The handy cleaning gloves from meiko ensure comprehensive cleanliness and offer a very high level of hand protection. They protect against injuries such as those caused by sharp edges.

Use only water and little cleaning agent

The cleaning gloves are very flexible. Therefore, they can remove dirt even in places where it is otherwise difficult to reach, such as in corners, from joints or small gaps. Especially when cleaning staircases, the cleaning glove is a real help: the handrail can be cleaned very thoroughly while the hands are well protected.

The cleaning gloves from meiko are available with different bristle percentages – for various application areas and degrees of soiling:

Cleaning mitt pure

For gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces.

  • made of pure, fluffy micro fibre
  • removes dust, hair and fluffs
  • cleans thoroughly open-pore surfaces

Particularly suitable for:

  • removing stains from upholstery and carpets

Cleaning mitt soft

For gentle cleaning of structured surfaces

  • integrated bristles loosen deposits
  • dirt can also be removed from joints
  • micro fibres ensure thorough cleaning of open-pore surfaces

Particularly suitable for:

  • daily maintenance cleaning
  • Staircase and handrail cleaning

Cleaning mitt medium

For thorough cleaning of surfaces.

  • bristles loosen major dirt
  • even stubborn dirt is removed

Particularly suitable for:

  • daily maintenance cleaning
  • bathroom cleaning

Cleaning mitt strong

Effective cleaning due to double wiping power.

  • strong bristles reach every corner
  • loosens stubborn dirt
  • micro fibres clean thoroughly
  • very good dirt absorption capacity

Particularly suitable for:

  • sanitary areas

Recommendation for use

Please test the cleaning glove on a small unnoticeable place before use. The bristles can cause scratches on sensitive surfaces.

Washable at up to 95o C after use (machine washable) and suitable for tumble drying. Do not use fabric softener. Do not wash with cotton items.Intelligent product solutions.

Intelligent product solutions

Universal cleaning pads, micro bristle wipe covers and velcro mops with pad holders are available to match the cleaning gloves.