Clean in next to no time


The handy cleaning gloves from meiko ensure comprehensive cleanliness and offer a very high level of hand protection. They protect against injuries such as those caused by sharp edges. Use only water and little cleaning agent The cleaning gloves are very flexible. Therefore, they can remove dirt even in places where it is otherwise difficult to reach, such as in corners, from joints or small gaps. Especially when cleaning staircases, the cleaning glove is a real help: the handrail can […]

The ABC of meiko microfiber wipes


Microfiber wipes are practical and versatile helpers. To ensure that they are powerful against dirt and gentle to the surface, they are specially developed for different areas. When used correctly, they remove dirt quickly and thoroughly, ensuring cleanliness and safety. Get to know our variety! Microfiber wipes – knitted Due to their structure, microfiber wipes can absorb a lot of dirt and are especially effective and thorough on irregular and grained surfaces. They loosen stubbornly adhering dirt deeply. meiko Micro […]

Micro BRUSH Pad


Micro BRUSH Pad: For demanding floor cleaning For convincing cleaning results on hard, stone, safety flooring and PVC: The Micro BRUSH Pad is the effective and affordable solution for daily floor cleaning. Cleaning is so efficient that the slip-resistant properties of safety tiles are restored. Micro BRUSH Pad: Excellent scrubbing power Its bristles penetrate deep into the structure of the flooring and remove the dirt completely. At the same time, the microfibres have a deep cleaning action. Dirt, hair and […]

meiko natural: The all-purpose cloth without microplastic


meiko natural consists of fully degradable raw materials. The non-woven all-purpose cloth cleans powerfully, is universally applicable and highly absorbent. meiko natural ensures sparkling clean results every day on smooth and slightly structured surfaces. Washable at 95 degrees. meiko natural: 100% purity with 0% microplastic The non-woven all-purpose cloth from meiko cleans with the power of 75% viscose and 25% polylactide fibres (PLA). Thus, meiko natural ensures spotlessly clean results every day on smooth and slightly structured surfaces. meiko natural: […]

Welcome to the future


The diamond-impregnated cleaning and polishing pads from meiko (DIP) give floors a new shine – completely without cleaning chemicals. DIP bring back the shine to floors Matt, worn surfaces finally become brilliantly clean again and convince with their well-groomed appearance. meiko DIP polish surfaces so that they often look like new. DIP clean with the power of diamonds With the help of microscopic diamonds, DIP clean and polish the surfaces so carefully that they are then polished to a high […]