Solution for hygienically clean surfaces

The wet wipe with antibacterial coating is made by meiko in Konradsreuth. Thanks to the colour code system and pictograms these wipes can be easily assigned to the different areas of use.

Pictograms provide additional safety

The individual wet wipes are colour-coded. In addition they are available with easy-to-understand pictograms. This enables the cleaning staff to recognize the area of application at a glance. This virtually eliminates the possibility of confusion. The spread of germs is avoided.

The wet wipe is extremely absorbent. Thanks to its structure and finish it is particularly suitable for all smooth and slightly structured surfaces. No fluffs, no dust, just streak-free cleanliness!

Long durability

The meiko wet wipes are certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX ® and meet the strict requirements for textiles used close to the skin. They fulfil the applicable human economic requirements of product class II.

The wet wipe also impresses with its long service life. Thanks to its composition it is compostable and also gentle to the environment.